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Golf Handicaps

The USGA’s Handicap System will be used to calculate golfers handicaps for the Bali Golf Carnival 2020.
Under the system, the difficulty of the golf course and the tees played from (the slope rating) together with the individuals Handicap Index/GA determine a player’s Course Handicap prior to the start of each round. Scorecards will be provided showing your or your team’s Course Handicap for that day’s event.

What You Need to Do

All players are required to supply evidence of their Handicap Index at the time of Registration. If a player belongs to more than one Club and has a different Handicap Index at each Club, the player must play off their lowest Handicap Index.
You have the option of providing a website link to your handicap history or login details for the handicap committee to access this information from an approved source. Note: Australian participants who have supplied their Golf Link number are not required to provide any additional information as the tournament committee will access your handicap information from the Golf Link website.
If you have any difficulties in providing the Handicap Committee with access to your handicap and scoring history please contact us.

Handicap Adjustment

The Play Golf Bali Committee reserve the right to adjust downwards a player’s handicap after Round 1 if in the opinion of the Play Golf Bali Committee the handicap does not fairly reflect the level of play of the player.

More Details

Download this PDF to register – Reservation Form (PDF Document)

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